A mere five-years-old when Sammy SirCharge’s ears were introduced to hip hop via his uncle’s LL Cool J tapes. “Mama Said Knock You Out” made him a fan, but as he got older he realized he couldn’t just sit back without participating. His lyrics covers all the bases. Good and bad times as his life has been a whirlwind; financial misfortune early on, divorce and realizing the struggle was real. He has never been afraid to channel all of his experiences into his music. This year his eponymous debut dropped, and in the coming months he’ll release two more; I Charge for That and No Tax. 

Coming up in Albuquerque, Sammy SirCharge didn’t favor one coast or the other when it was east versus west in the ‘90s. That is one can hear the influences of both coasts in his sound, a sound that he feels is unique in that way. It’s not only the locational ambiguity but also the storytelling that makes Sammy’s game strong. Because of his way with words, his music is great for all occassions.It is music that is on point with current life about a cascade of topics. With a firm grasp on how to get the audience to relate to his situation whether it’s to chill, get in tune with that special someone or lighting one up. One of the highlights from his discography include “In the Moment” inspired by a lapse of judgement in a relationship when cheating comes into play. 

In the last year Sammy SirCharge has performed locally in New Mexico, as well as alongside Bone Thugs N Harmony and DJ Quik. In the coming months he’ll be on stage at Coast 2 Coast Live in Albuquerque. From there he will work on building a tour, releasing two mixtapes and developing merchandise. Once his career is on a steady path, Sammy will turn his attention towards lending his pen towards ghostwriting for others in the hip hop community.